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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Project Neon - Rendering Could Not Finish

I have been fooling around with Project Neon - Cloud Based Rendering for Revit 2012 and noticed a little bug.  I tested it with 4 seperate projects of mine and there was only one common factor.

Of the four projects only one of the projects rendered succeful.  The difference between this project and the first three that failed was the first three projects had custom materials (created my me and loaded into my Revit materials libray).

Appearently, and I cannot confirm this, Project Neon does not like Materials other than those in the stock Rendering library... Maybeit is using a library in the cloud and that is why?

Well, since the troubleshooting page of Project Neon only talks about the CAD version I figured I would let you all know my findings...