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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Arcbazar - Connecting Designers and Clients

I am very excited to share this website with you all.  One of my professor's, Dr. Imdat As, brought this to my attention along with a friend of mine who gave me the info to post here (thanks Maria!).  I already signed up and cannot wait to have some time to submit designs.  Basically, clients post competitions and set rewards.  Designers submit their designs and the client gets to chose and rank the designs.

What I like about this idea is the scale of it.  It appears most of the projects are small scale residential and commercial projects.  Essentially, the clients who always tend to hire the contractor before the architect...  These are also perfect size projects for Revit to really excel...  I think the video and description below explain it well. Also, it is totally free for designers to sign up!

Welcome to!

We created the first-of-its-kind online competition webpage for small to medium scale design projects to allow an easy and fast connection interface between clients, young architectural designers and contractors. We developed the idea for after realizing that all too often clients could not find an easy and affordable way to find competitive architectural design services. At the same time, designers have a hard time to connect to clients and use their design talent. Therefore, we set out to create a simple, easy-to-use platform that serves and connects the triumvirate of clients, designers and contractors. 

Founded in 2010, is owned and operated by a dedicated executive team and web-developers. Our aim is to help our peers, young designers and architects finding exciting design opportunities from design conscious individuals. Our name arcbazar, is inspired by the idea of a bazaar for architecture – a vibrant space for exchange and negotiation of design services. We are based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and are working around the clock as we prepare the matching of designers with the exciting projects of our clients. 

We are eager to answer your questions about, so feel free to contact us via  or check out our FAQ page for more information. We are excited to welcome you to arcbazar, and to begin connecting clients with talented designers and dedicated contractors! 

I immediately figured this could start a debate as well... so please, feel free to comment below on your thoughts about the site...