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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Revit Tip - One Click 3D Floor Plans

This is a fantastic tip that I cannot believe I forgot to post about!  In once click you can set up 3D views based on your other views... Revit will even use the section box and cut your floor plans automatically.

I found this nice tip on Luke's blog but it was originally posted here...

When starting a new project in Revit, I typically create 3D views for each level in the project. To do this I use the View Cube to assist me in creating the views. I typically do not care for the View Cube for orbiting or adjusting my views. I usually use my wheel on my mouse with the shift key to orbit, but I have found the View Cube to be very helpful for this particular task.

To set up a 3D view for each level, you could manually achieve this by turning on the Section Box in the Properties of the view and use the grips to drag the Section Box to display just the desired level. This is very cumbersome and sometimes hard to get the grips to be where you want them to be.

An easier, quicker way to create a 3D view for each level is to use the Orient to View option in the View Cube right click menu. This can be done by opening a 3D view and hovering over the House icon on the View Cube, and right clicking to open the right-click menu. 

.... Click here to see the rest of the tutorial and images...