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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Revit Tip - Short Wall Not Cutting

This was an interesting bug (or is it a bug) that was discovered while I helped a colleague on a project.  The building had a condition in which each classroom had a 4'-0" tall wall.  We wanted to show new walls with a poche (solid) fill.  The cut planes for the view were set to 3'-6"... The wall properties were set to the Top Constraint being "Unconnected" and the height was set at 4'-0".   The wall WOULD NOT show as cut and poche'd.  Well, upon further investigation it appears walls act funny with cut planes...   
In the image above the cut plane for this view is set to 3'-6".  The Walls on the left are set to "Unconnected" and their respective heights are underneath.  The walls on the right have a top constrain of "Level 2" which is set at 10'-0".  The walls on the right are then negatively offset.

Notice that the walls to the left, even though the cut plan is set at 3'-6" will not show as cut until they are at least 6'-0" tall!  While the walls on the left are the exact same height but are shown as cut because of their top constraints...

Weird??  I think so.