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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Revit and Physical Models - Pepakura (Print Your Revit Model)

I remember a Sketch-Up user showing me this software a year or so ago but I never really dove into it.  I could not quite figure out how to connect it with a Revit model.  Well, Zack (with a little help from the new .STL export function on Vasari) figure it out!

Personally, I have found Revit helps immensely in the creation of final physical models for school.  Unfortunately, it usually takes a bit of time but setting up views facing all of the "faces" of your model and printing them to scale can really help build a physical model. Additionally, if your school has a laser cutter then this very well might be a nice introduction to the workflow between Revit and the laser cutter.  Now that the semester is over I should have some more time to mess around with the possible work flows that can arise.

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