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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Revit Tip - Visibility / Graphics Override and The Color White

This is more of a complaint than a Revit tip but it may help you when troubleshooting.  Basically, someone working on a Revit model that I manage overrode the floor project lines to be the color white.  Why? I have not idea... Regardless of the reasons we could not figure out why the damn floor wasn't showing in our plan but it was able to be selected.

Well, if Autodesk would make it easier to see the color white as a graphic override then the problem would have been solved much faster. See below:

Notice how difficult it is to see that there is a "white" color override on the Topography category?  I suggest either inverting the cell or simply showing the word "White" in the cell.

So next time you can't figure out why you don't see the outline of an object here is another possible place to look...