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Friday, June 15, 2012

DesignByMany - REskin Challenge (Prize: Free Revit License!)

I have recently become aware of a new challnenge over at DesignByMany.  The challenge is sponsored by Autodesk and the winner will receive a full blown license to Revit Architecture 2013.  How cool!  Not mention one of the judges is a fellow blogger (Zach).

This challenge is to cleverly reskin a decaying urban building on the corner of Broadway and Reade St in New York City. Submissions can range from a focused investigation to an entire reskinning of the building. If the submission is a focused investigation, a wholistic application of the investigation must be represented. Submissions are encouraged, but not required, to incorporate sustainable technologies and strategies into the skin. The skin should be awesome, inventive, and buildable.

Assuming that the budget is not endless, each component of the skin should be “buildable.” As part of the submission, provide a brief fabrication method/proposal that clearly outlines what each component is made of and how it will be assembled. All final submissions must be in Revit “.rvt” format. 

 Click here to read about the competition and to enter.