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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Microsoft Surface Pro - Revit on a Tablet?!

In case anyone missed it Microsoft officially announced an actually iPad competitor.  That's right, they did it... And I have to say I am a bit excited.  Personally, I have had my iPad for three years now and used it every single day.  There is no doubt at the success of an iPad and the market it dominates.

Why is the "Surface" announcement so exciting?  Well... the Pro version runs full blown Windows!  And, as mentioned in the announcement below it can "Run windows programs... like Autodesk...".  Microsoft may have been a tad bit off in saying "Autodesk" is a program but the fact that they even said it alongside Adobe  is pretty cool.

I have created and edited Revit models on the iPad using LogMeIn numerous times and have gotten pretty good at it but there are definitely pros and cons.  I look forward to seeing the exact specs of the i5 Pro edition of Surface...  It will surely be an interesting year or so between Apple and Microsoft.