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Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Revit Kid Project - Early Childhood Magnet School

Because I know how much I love seeing other's Revit projects I will continue to share some of mine.  This project was interesting in that my professor only gave us 5 days to design and present it (that is on top of working and 3 other classes!).

Given the time frame I took an interesting approach by nailing down the concept and a bubble diagram first and then building the Revit model... I actually brought in this concept sketch to Revit and using the bubble diagram (and all the ideas I had in my head) I quickly created the Revit model.

I then made the final hand sketched floor plan using the Revit model!  I know that sounds strange but it actually worked out really well.

Enjoy...  Just click the arrows to the right and it will present in the correct order.

Click here to view my Bloomfield Early Childhood Magnet School presentation....