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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Revit Image-O-Matic API App

The second I saw this video I began to think of all the different families, parameters, and possibilities...

I mentioned Boost Your BIM before and now Harry has released the plug-in above on the Autodesk Exchange for your use.  Furthermore, he is running a competition on his blog using Image-O-Matic..

To celebrate the posting of Image-O-Matic on the Autodesk Exchange, I am sponsoring a great contest!
  1. Download Image-O-Matic from the Autodesk Exchange and use it to make a great video showing the animation of a Revit family or phased model.
    For a Vasari installer, visit
  2. Email me for a free license so Image-O-Matic will be able to make large image files. Or purchase a license for only $4.99 at
  3. Upload your video to YouTube
  4. Leave a comment on this post with a link to your YouTube video
Contest ends February 15. Two winners will be chosen through a poll that I will post here after February 15 – one winner for phasing, one winner for instance parameters.

Check it out here!!!