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Thursday, February 28, 2013

LOD.... In Detail (Practical BIM)

Wow... what a fantastic post.  I am sure many of you have heard the term "LOD" in some fashion if you are using Revit professionally.  Antony McPhee, over at practical BIM, published a brilliant article about the acronym that is LOD ("Level of Detail" or "Development").  Do yourselves a favor and READ IT.  

What is this thing called LOD

There still seems to be some confusion about what LOD levels mean, and how they should be used. I must say I have difficulty relating what I do and what I need whenever confronted with filling in an LOD table. If they are this difficult why are we using them? Are they really useful, or just a waste of our time?


From what I can gather LOD was developed by Vicosoftware, a software company that produces construction costing software. They saw the advantages of costing straight from a BIM model, but had a problem. How do you tell how accurate, or how definitive, the model elements you are connecting to in the model are? Traditional methods of costing have a human between what was being measured and the way it was being measured. But automatic take off from the BIM model doesn't.... continue reading...