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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Autodesk FormIT - New Release and Tutorials

David Light posted some information on the new release of FormIT. 

... That's right folks...  FormIT has a "sketchy lines" visual style!   If I had a dollar for each time someone told me "well, I don't use Revit because Sketch-Up has a sketchy line style" I would be a very rich man.  Granted, FormIT is a separate program and probably an entirely separate group inside of Autodesk but if they can figure out how to get sketchy lines on iOS then surely Autodesk can figure out how to get it in Revit...  I mean, it would probably be used more than the silly Ray Trace visual style.

Additionally, follow this link for a series of Autodesk Videos (some created by David if I am recognizing the voice correctly) that talk about using formIT, tutorials, and new releases.