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Monday, April 15, 2013

The Cost of the Cloud - Part 2

I just posted about an email by Autodesk informing subscription users about the new implementation of cloud units and their cost.

Well, the FAQ document linked in the email was not clear on the amount of units a Cloud Rendering would use.  So I decided to break it down for you...  The Crop Region size in the Revit view used was set to 11"x7".  The only factors that seem to effect the "price" of a rendering were the "Render Quality" and "Image Size".  I told you the size of the crop region because the larger the crop region the more cloud units it would require to render at the same settings as a smaller crop region view.  Below are a series of screen shots with different settings and their respective cloud "costs".  (If you click one image you should be able to scroll through them).

One thing I noticed is that the "Maximum" image size setting is much higher than it was before (it was capped at 2000 pixels).  But, it is the most expensive at 10 cloud credits (which would equate to $10.00).  Therefore, with your 100 cloud units you can get a total of 10 Maximum, Final quality renderings....