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Monday, June 10, 2013

Revit Tutorial - Reporting the Length of ANY Curve (Simply Complex)

Great write-up by Marcello... Not only will this tutorial teach you how to find the length of any curve but it will help you dive into some interesting Family/Massing functions and parameter uses....

Report the Length of Any Curve including Splines and Egress paths

What do you mean Report the Length of Any Curve?

Have you ever noticed that when you model a curve in Revit, say in the in-place mass family editor, and you select the curve; the length displayed in the properties window is grey-ed out. The length value is read only. That means it is not report-able.

The Path Divided Method” presented below gives seven simple steps that will describe how to create a length parameter on a spline made up of 4 points. Note  this method can be applied to any curve or series of curves.

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