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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Revit Technology Conference North America 2013 - Day 2 Recap

Today's classes felt like they had even more substance then yesterday's. The morning kicked off with Marcello's class about scaling methods. For those of you who do not know who Marcello is then check his blog out here. He is known for pushing Revit to it's limits... Or better yet, illustrating that Revit does not have limits.

Marcello broke down different methods of scaling any family. That's right, scaling a family. Honestly, they weren't even difficult methods... Just ones that no one has ever thought of! Total face in palm moments. I can't wait to get in from of my computer and explore Marcello's methods even deeper. And, of course, share my explorations with you all.

I then sat in on a Revit API lab proctored by Don Rudder. I fond the lab to be super helpful. Don had some issues with the lab computers having Revit "one box" and windows 8 (and all of his templates were for Revit architecture 2014 and windows 7) but I think it turned out okay. It was nice to see some solid, working, examples of Revit API add-ins in Visual Basic. Again, I can't wait to get in front of a computer and try some stuff out!

My day of classes ended with a presentation about Revit and the unity game engine. Having dove into the Revit to CryEngine workflow myself I was interested to see how it compares to Unity. I have to say, the workflow does seem a bit easier to get from Revit into Unity. Unity looks extremely user friendly and has lots of potential. I love the results and user friendliness of CryEngine, though... So I am inspired to look sat creating a better method o converting from Revit to CryEngine.

Our dinner event tonight was at the Vancouver Aquarium. We had dinner, drinks, and saw a dolphin show. It was a good time and I got to mingle with some more of the community. Here's to tomorrow and another good day!