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Monday, January 27, 2014

Tutorial - Using Revit on Multiple Monitors

It is no secret that Revit does not natively support multiple monitors... At least not without some manual labor.  

Well, there has been a good discussion over at about the subject. within the discussion some members were sharing their workflows while managing multiple monitors.  One member (BLothian) even posted a descriptive "how-to".  I thought it was valuable enough to post here.  First, here is a look at his final result:

Now, onto the tutorial...

  1. Firstly I installed Palladio X BIM Windows Layout (this is key to organising my windows within Revit)
    Downloaded from here: Palladio X BIM WindowsLayout
  2. Secondly I installed Windows Layout Manager (This is what I use to control the location of the Single Revit window over the 2 monitors) Downloaded from here: Windows Layout Manager (WiLMa)

Once you've installed both the addin and WiLMa you need to arrange the Main Revit window across both monitors because maximizing it will only do so to a single monitor. My arrangement is such that I have the Project Browser outside on the left and Properties outside on the right of the Revit window. My preferred layout is to have 2no views equally spaced so that where they meet is bang in the middle of the 2 monitors but this comes with a little bit of trial and error... 

To do this:

  • open 2No views, click the title bar of the view which you want to be on the left and press the Left-most icon and select Left.

2 monitors Revit 2013 issues?-wl.png

Click here to read the rest of the tutorial...