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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Revit Tutorial - Create "Butt Glazing" in a Curtain Wall / Storefront

Javier emailed and asked a very good question:

"Hi Jeff, I was wondering if you have a tutorial where explain how create a exterior glazing wall where the mullions are behind the glazing?"

First, thanks for the question, Javier.  This is a condition commonly known as "butt glazing".  Typically, the glazing sits in front of the mullions and it joined with silicon sealant like the detail below:
A Typical "Butt Glazing" Detail

When I create butt glazing in Revit I find it unnecessary to model this silicon joint.  I simply but the glass together and use the default mullion and curtain panel families.  Keep reading for a quick video illustrating the way I usually create a vertical butt glazed mullion in Revit that looks something like this...

Revit Vertical Butt Glazing - 3D View

Revit Butt Glazing - Plan View

Create "Butt Glazing" Tutorial

Click here to view the video via Screencast...

Also, you may find this video by Paul Aubin of particular interest as well.  Paul explains how you can make a butt glazed corner.  You'll want to check out for the simple tip of "edit in place" curtain panels!