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Friday, January 30, 2015

Real World Dynamo Uses by CASE Inc.

Dynamo is here and it is not going anywhere.

I am constantly asked what the difference is between Grasshopper and Revit (and why so many students are using Grasshopper).  Well, it's comparing apples and oranges!  Then Dynamo hit the streets.  At first, that made my answer to the aforementioned question more difficult.  Well, William Wong, over at CASE, beautifully spelled out the differences in a recent article.

If you're reading this post then I have a feeling you may have heard about Dynamo (and have been hearing more and more about it).  Well, William's article not only spells out the difference between Dynamo and Grasshopper but he also uses three real world examples in which Dynamo enhances, automates, and even manages quality in Revit.  That's right, he isn't showing you how to make an inverted hyperparabaloid using Dynamo... These are real-world examples from the trenches.

Absolute must read article... Continue for the link...

Click here to view William Wong's article "Dynamo: More Than Grasshopper Lite" on the CASE website...