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Friday, January 22, 2016

Revit Tutorial - Parametric Table: A Revit Family Introduction

In my previous two posts I discussed the topic of downloading bad Revit families and allowing free content to dictate your design.  These are two major issues in the Revit community and we are all guilty.  

What can we do about it?

BIM After Dark - BIM Can Make Families is live.  Volume 3 focuses on family creation.  From the basics (as demonstrated in the tutorial below) to advanced techniques (like adaptive repeaters and complex formulas) this volume will give you all the skills you need to build your own Revit families.

Keep reading to learn more about the course and view the tutorial...

What’s different about this course..?

I’ve taken a different approach than many of the family creation books and videos that exist.  Instead of grinding through every single technical detail of the family editor I chose a specific selection of real-world families to build from scratch.  In the process of creating each family you are introduced to the different tools and techniques of the family editor.

Not only will you be learning valuable tools while building actual pieces of content, but you will also learn how to troubleshoot the many problems that will arise when building families.

In fact, I deliberately chose families that I have never built before and you get the chance to see me run into common roadblocks and troubleshoot them live.  

Before you watch the tutorial below, make sure you:

Revit Tutorial - Parametric Table: A Revit Family Introduction

The tutorial below is an excerpt from BIM After Dark - BIM Can Make Families.  It demonstrates how easy it can be to get started building parametric Revit families.  Although rudimentary, the techniques create a foundation for the most complex families…