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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Your Revit = Ugly

Let’s face it. Out of the box, Revit is ugly.

I bet many of you reading those first two statements are nodding your heads.  Those who aren’t, create a new camera view in Revit right now without applying any templates.   Yeah, pretty ugly right?  Like you, I have always been frustrated with the un-attractiveness of “default” Revit.

The good news is you don’t have to live with “default” Revit.  There are lots of features and settings that can make Revit sexy.

The bad news?  No one knows about them!

Between teaching at a university, working for a large construction firm, and running this blog for the last ten years I have seen my fair share of Revit projects and presentations.  The quality of presentation materials (plans, sections, elevations, renderings, diagrams, etc..) coming from these models is inconsistent to say the least.  Therefore, Revit still has a reputation in many corners of our industry for “looking bad”.

I’ll never forget the first time I used Revit.  It was for a design studio project and Revit had just added a new feature, “Mental Ray Rendering”.  Well, as excited as I was to use the same program for my plans, sections, elevations, and renderings, I was just as un-impressed with the results of those plans, sections, elevations, and renderings.

In fact, I am going to share something that I have never shared before here on the blog.  My very first Revit project.

Are you ready?  

Here it is (click to enlarge the images):

I know, pretty rough, huh?  Please ignore the ridiculous design and let’s talk about the presentation itself. If I asked you when you thought these images were created what would you say (if you didn’t know how long I have been using Revit, that is)?

I created the boards above in 2008.

I wanted to share that project for two reasons.  First, to show you that even me, The Revit Kid himself, started exactly where you started. Second, to illustrate that my first presentations in Revit from 2008 are not all that different from first-time user’s presentations in 2018.  Don’t believe me?  Google “Revit Presentation Graphics” right now.

Today, I want to hear your Revit is Ugly stories.

Have you been told you can’t use Revit because it is too ugly?  
Have you been frustrated with the way your models look?  
Are you satisfied with the views, diagrams, and renderings coming out of your Revit models? 
Did you and your firm decide not give Revit a try because of how ugly you heard it was?!

Comment below and share your Ugly Revit stories or answer some of the questions above...