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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tutorial - Curtain Wall Doors

This is a quick and easy tutorial.  Here is the question I was asked (this is only one of the people who asked it... I have had many questions about this exact same question):

"Can you show me how to insert a glazed door into a curtain wall /store front?
I normally do this in ADT using 'door and window assembly' procedure."

It is very easy to insert a door in a curtain wall... I sat there tinkering with it for a long time getting very frustrated back when I learned this.  Thankfully I had someone who showed me.  So now I would like to show you all.


Unknown said...

thanks a million, that tutorial really helped me out!

eoghanharris said...

thanks a mullion too!

Anonymous said...

My I just say -Thank You!:)

Anonymous said...

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S Blah said...

Thank you!! I'm pretty sure I'll use more of your tutorials!

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Very easy to follow. Thanks Revit Kid...

Anonymous said...

lesson 1 and 3 are great but what happened to the second part?

Unknown said...

I'm having trouble getting the curtain wall double door to insert/load. I've purged the drawing but and tried again it just won't populate the curtain wall pull down.


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