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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tutorial - Studio Topo Tip - Part 1 (Remastered)

For those of you who watched the "Studio Topo Tip - Part 1" video that I posted you may have notices the part where I had a mind blank.  I completely forgot how to use the "Resize" tool in Revit to scale the topographical image.  (In my defense, I had to use AutoCAD for the last two days in work ... yuck).

Juan emailed me and reminded me how to use the Resize tool.  We will call the last post one option and this post the second, quicker, option to scaling and image in Revit.  Thanks for reminding me Juan.

Topics Covered:

- Scaling an Image in Revit using the Resize Command

I apologize if those of you who are not new to Revit were thinking "Why the hell is he doing it that way?"  I thought the same thing.


Lubo said...

Thanks for redoing the video and the great video tutorials!