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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Oh the Comments.

If you all remember my "Revit Sucks" post from way back when you would remember the amount of comments it received. Well... people are still commenting 4 months later.

I figured I would post the latest comment and response...

Stevo said...

Here's the #1 reason that makes Revit suck:
IT'S NOT A TRUE 3D MODELING SOFTWARE - which makes it easy to use, until you have to do a full set of CD's... (ever tried making stairs?? or a rail? what a pain in the ass)
Reason #2: Autodesk got its hands on it = might as well bury it right now. (WTF is the point of the "ribbon"??? Revit had a very functional and user friendly "ribbon" ALREADY!!!!)
And yes, I work with Revit on a daily basis and have for the past 3 versions.

If Revit could do true 3D sweeps it could actually be a great user friendly program.
September 3, 2009 5:02 PM

The Revit Kid said...

Thanks for the comment Stevo.

#1 - Do a search of this site and the many blogs out there using Revit. It most certainly is a 3D modeling software. I just modeled a 3D door in it today.

#2 - You would not even be using Revit right now if Autodesk did not get it's hands on it. I understand people resentment towards "the man" but the little firm that developed Revit would not have had the millions of dollars in R&D to push it to the point where Stevo even knows about the program.

#3 - Yes, I have done CD's in Revit. Yes, I have made stairs and railings in Revit. I have also benefitted greatly from using Revit stairs and railings. Ever try changing the slope of a handicap ramp in elevation with strictly line drawing in CAD? Re-trimming balusters that are set at 2"o.c.?

If you truly have worked with Revit for as long as you say... you would have had a much more intelligent, in depth, and detailed description of why you think Revit sucks.

Thanks again for reading the blog and bringing up these points.

There are a few more posts like this. The only problem I have with these posts is that these people do not even read the rest of the blog. If they did they would know a majority of the stuff they state has been dismantled by me or a fellow blogger.

I urge you all to comment back ;)