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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tutorial - Edit Verticies

I cannot believe that still, to this day, I get a lot of people telling me how "restricting" Revit is. How you cannot make conceptual models and free forms... I typicall would point them to some tutorials of my own such as my Calculus Projects, and Buildz blog... Here is another great post from Inside the Factory to point the neh sayers too:

Dept. of Obscure: Edit Verticies
In the process of reviewing some tool-tips I came across a command that really felt like a blog post waiting to be written. What is this command, where does it live, and why would one need it?
Essentially this command allows you to control triangulation on the surfaces of a blend. The two forms below are made from the same blends but the edgy guy on the right was worked over with the "Edit Verticies" command.

Note: The workflow in the new massing environment is different. This command applies only to general family blend forms of non-mass categories.

When working with blends I typically make some "Bones" using model lines. These can be made parametric and live in nested families that are placed at different heights in the parent family. Not a requirement but powerful (An extreme example of this "rig" technique using the new modeling tools can be found here on David Lights blog and here on BIM Troublemaker)

Once you have your bones use the "Pick Lines" method when sketching the top and base of the blends... Continue to post...