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Friday, November 12, 2010

Project Vasari - Finally Some Information

I was fortunate enough to attend an Autodesk webcast today on Project Vasari... Finally, we know what it is!  Here are some quick points...
  • Stripped down the Revit UI.
  • Running on the web.
  • Integrating Conceptual Engergy Analysis.
  • Streaming Install
  • "Essential Skiils" - Tutorial videos at startup.
  • Extracting core modeling features from Revit and expose them inside a watered down user interface.
  • Using Autodesk ID from your Autodesk Labs account you can access more features (such as Climate Server information, and Conceptual Energy Analysis).
I have not used it for very long now but I will definitely be posting a personal Review and video this weekend.  This will be a great piece of software for students and possibly a launch pad for learning Revit.  As David Light mentioned, this could possibly accelerate the adoption of Revit...  The slimmed down UI and almost, dare I say, "Sketch-up" based look and feel to it, I think, will be much easier for new users to adapt to and accept.

More to come...