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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Vasari - Conceptual Bug Maker?

I know Vasari is in the Labs and not a retail release from Autodesk but I though I would mention a couple little bugs I have noticed while usingthe software...  Are any of you having these issues?

Kicks Internet:  I have used Vasari in both ways (streaming install and downloaded install) and noticed that each time I run the softare, if I am connected to the internet via wifi, the connection drops.  Either it completely disconnects or has "limited or no connectivity".  The fix? Easy, disconnect and reconnect to the wifi.  Very strange little bug.  The only reason it has been frustrating me is because it kicks my internet radio!

Funky Graphics:  Now, I know Vasari is all about "conceptual modeling" and "free forms"... But, what is with the funky graphic issues on the menu bar?  Is it the conceptual idea of an Undo Button, or the Undo Button?  ** I tried takingn a screen cap but the graphic errors would disappear when ever I select a different program / function**

Solar Radiation Workflow: No doubt, the solar radiation features of Vasari make it an insanly powerful tool. But I found it an annoyance to turn off/on the solar raditation model that wraps your massing.  For example, if you run a solar radiation analysis and manipulate the mass it updates.. great.  But, if you delete the solar radiation object (because that is just what my brain and fingers want to do) it can cause some interesting problems.  Try running the solar radiation after deleting the element and there is nothing to see...  A few steps of deleting, escaping, and so on... then, finally you are back to square one.

By all means, comment... Are you having similar problems?

I am a huge advocate for Vasari and really love the concept... Just thought I would share a few annoyances.

Now, if you will hold on... I have to reconnect to my wifi because Vasari kicked me off...