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Friday, November 26, 2010

Who, What, and Why? Project Vasari

I have had a lot of great discussions with colleagues and classmates about the reason for Vasari.  What is its purpose, intent, and goal?  Well, thanks to Greg for reposting this nice break down from The Labs.

"Yesterday was the day. We officially launched Project Vasari on Autodesk Labs. I thought I would give everyone a behind the scenes look at how this all came about.

As we said in the teaser, it started as a simple question: What if we reduced Revit to its essentials? Followed quickly by: What would it look like? What would we keep? Who would it be for? This evolved into the following goals:
  • Create a simplified "on-ramp" to introduce building information modeling concepts to students and young designers
  • Focus on the conceptual modeling and cloud-based analysis work flows
  • Create a "sandbox" where we can experiment on new features and concepts
  • Deliver this as a technology preview on the web ... "
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Personally, my favorite part of the post had to do with the persona.  Who was Project Vasari designed for?  Well, his name is Gabrial and he is a student like you and me..

Therefore, if you are student reading this blog... download Vasari now and give it a shot... It was made for you... really...