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Monday, August 29, 2011

Revit Tutorial - Custom Materials on Multiple Computers

Being in school and in work can sometimes restrict you from copying and pasting custom materials into the Revit materials library.  Then, you go to render and get that lovely error stating you are missing the textures...  And you render a black shadowy object.  Well, here is a tip that will allow you to keep your materials in your project folder or a "materials" folder... Then you can keep them on a flash drive and point Revit to it anywhere you are!

It is very simple...
  1. Create a folder to place all your custom materials in (on a cloud drive, flash drive, desktop... where ever).
  2. Place all of your images and bump files there.
  3. Open Revit and hit the big Revit button on the top left.

  4. Open the Options menu.
  5. Click the Rendering tab.

  6. Click the large green "+" sign.
  7. Browse for your folder and click okay.