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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Room Phasing Frustrations!

How many of you have used Revit and Phasing?  Specifically, Demolition plans...  How many of you have pondered this very question:

"Why would New Construction room names want to been seen on a Demolition Plan?!?!?!"

Recently, I was working on a project that has over nine part plans...  The only work around for getting your Existing Room names (that I have found useful) is to create an Existing Room Names view that only shows Existing Room names. Then, place the demolition view on the sheet and overlay the existing room names over it.  This worked out fine on most of the projects.  Unfortunately, creating nine part plan views of existing room names for four levels and then overlaying them on top of their respective views on sheets drove me absolutely crazy!

Example of New Rooms showing in "Previous + New" Phase filter.  Why!?

Why can we not phase rooms?!  Autodesk, this does not seem like a very difficult fix.  No one wants to see New Construction room names on a "Previous + Demo" filter...

Has anyone experienced this?  What is your workaround?  Comment below!