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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Real Time Visualization Software and Revit

Luke had a post recently about Lumion so i figured I would respond with my own post instead of simply in his comments...

I have been testing out Lumion, Stadia3D, Artlantis, and Twinmotion for the last month or so and they all have their pros and cons in my opinion.  Lumion and Twinmotion take a bit of work to get a Revit model into.  Once the model is in the programs it takes even more work converting their materials to the software.  **Disclaimer** I have not been able to try the absolute latest Lumion exporter for Revit **

Artlantis is a tad bit easier with a direct plug-in exporter from Revit.  It carries the materials through so you can just select the Revit material and update it to the software's materials.

Stadia3D is by far the easiest connection with Revit.  What ever you see when you render in Revit is practically what you see in Stadia. It requires a tiny add-in to be installed and the rest is done in the cloud.  The quality of your video card is the only limit with the quality of the renderings...

I plan on using a variety of the aforementioned software's this upcoming semester and hopefully return to you all with some more in-depth analysis and results.

Have any of you had experiences with these pieces of software?  Am I missing one or two other?  Comment below!