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Monday, July 14, 2014

Another Cloud Rendering Issue

I posted about an ongoing cloud rendering issue back in February.  Well, here is another one that has bothered me and negatively affected some of my renderings...

If you use a material with self-illumination (such as "Light Bulb - On") and you rendering it in the cloud you may get an unwanted result.  I tested this a with a couple different settings and haven't been able to find a reason for it.  Here are the results...

This was rendered using native Revit.  The material on the blue stripes is self-illuminating.

This was rendered on the Autodesk Cloud.  What the heck are all those hot spots!?!?!

Cloud Rendering is a fairly new technology... But if you want this to replace a local rendering engine you really need to fix these little bugs!

I would really appreciate it!!!

I've started a thread over at the Autodesk Cloud Community Feedback board if you want to follow that and see if Autodesk responds...