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Monday, January 5, 2015

Revit Tutorial - Overhead Line Trick

When it comes to being productive and efficient in Revit finding little ways to NOT have to update annotative elements is key.  For example, if you use a detail line set to "" and simply draft the canopy above a first floor entryway you will have to adjust that line work EVERY SINGLE TIME you move  or adjust the canopy.  I have created a little trick to make those overhead lines automatically updated with your canopy.

How does it work?  Well, it's pretty simple...  The "above line trick" means that overhead line you see in the first floor entry of your canopy above is the actual edge of the canopy model element. 

Want to learn the trick? Keep reading for a tutorial extracted directly from BIM After Dark - Volume 2 (releasing soon!).

BIM After Dark - Volume 2: Production

If you liked this tip than you will definitely enjoy my video series BIM After Dark - Volume 2. It is packed full of little time saver techniques like this one... The video series is set to go live January 15th, 2015.