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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Using Revit with Google Cardboard (Virtual Reality Goggles)

I am not sure why Autodesk did not make a big deal or announcement about this but man is it COOL!  If you log into Autodesk 360 Cloud Rendering you will notice a few new features under the "Render as" option:

Having heard of Google Cardboard (and messed around with Oculus Rift) I was really interested to check the new "Stereo Panorama" out.  So I did what any technology geek would due and purchased a set of Google Cardboard goggles on Amazon.  Concurrently, I ran a few test renderings of projects I already had in the cloud... 

There is a little tutorial posted on Autodesk's help website for viewing the Stereo Panorama's on your phone. 

It is pretty simple... Check the box that says "Preview on Your Phone" and a link is generated.  Open that link on your phone (I used my iPhone 5S) and viola!!  Immerse yourself in your space...  

Click here to purchase the CARDBOARD goggle setup... (Phone not included)...

What do you think, pretty cool, huh?

The possibilities with virtual reality are going to explode in the next few years (similar to 3D printing).  To only take a few clicks and get a link that you can open on your phone and immerse yourself into a model is a game changer.  This, along with Revizto sending an email out about developing Oculus Rift support will help push the immersive technology revolution!

Can you tell I am excited??