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Monday, April 27, 2015

Revit Tip - How to Drag and Drop Multiple Families More Efficiently

Bernie Wade, of BIM Design Consultants, has been a long time and active follower of this blog.  He has always provided me with great feedback, encouragement, and a question or two.  Well, the other day Bernie discovered a neat little trick he though would be great to share with The Revit Kid and BIM After Dark community.  Instead of simply emailing me the tip he took the time to make a video of it as well!  Continue reading for a video tip on how to speed up the process of loading in (and overwriting) multiple families....

Here is the video Bernie put together:

Bernie, thanks for taking the time to send the video and for following the blog all these years!  I hope the readers learned something new!

**EDIT** As Steve mentioned in the comments be aware that dragging and dropping multiple families that have type catalogs could cause headaches!

BIM After Dark - Volume 2:  Productivity

Bernie's tip goes right along with the theme for Volume 2 of the BIM After Dark series.   It stresses efficiency and the importance of making less clicks!

In Volume 2 you will learn how to convert a design model into a set of construction documents. I walk you through, step-by-step, the process I use to efficiently create plans, sections, elevations, wall sections, schedules, etc... The header says it all:

 "If you feel like you are not getting the return on investment you should be when using Autodesk® Revit® for construction documentation, look no further. BIM After Dark - Volume 2 demonstrates just how efficient Revit® can be in the production phases of your projects. From setting up views to wall sections, this video series will teach you how to take full advantage of your Building Information Models..."