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Monday, June 22, 2015

The Dynamo Primer : First Edition is Live!

Dynamo is gaining some serious traction in and around this BIM space we live in.  For example, the post I published with a series of updated links to Marcello's ongoing Dynamo series has been getting slammed with Google search traffic over the last month.  Additionally, I have also found Dynamo useful for automating some every day tasks at the office:

Dynamo, being an open source visual programming platform, has lots of FREE online information that anyone can view.  The latest bit of published information is AWESOME.  The Dynamo Primer is a comprehensive guide to using Dynamo.  The document currently contains 4 chapters with at least 8 more chapters on the way.  If you had any interest at all in knowing what Dynamo is, what it can do, and how you can use it then you definitely need to bookmark the Primer.

Here is a description form the Primer of what the first chapters contain:

These first chapters focus on the essentials you will need to get up and running developing your own visual programs with Dynamo. Here's what you can expect to learn from the primer: 

Context - What exactly is "Visual Progamming" and what are the concepts I need to understand to dive in to Dynamo? 
Getting Started - How do I get Dynamo and create my first program? 
What's in a Program - What are the functional parts of Dynamo and how do I use them? 
Building Blocks - What is "Data" and what are some fundamental types I can start using in my programs?" (Dynamo Primer, 2015)

Click here to view the Dynamo Primer First Edition.