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Monday, August 31, 2015

Revit Tutorial - The Quad Corner Mullion

I was working with a friend of mine and he asked about the cleanest way to do a corner mullion.  When I showed him the following technique he was ecstatic!  I then checked the blog to see if I ever did a tutorial on it... to my surprise, I didn't!  This may be a simple little tutorial but I know some of you will be as exited about it as my buddy was!

Continue reading for the step-by-step...

This tutorial uses a mullion family that exists inside the Default Autodesk Template.  So make sure you either load that template or bring in the "Quad Corner Mullion : 5"x 5" Quad Corner" family...

At any corner mullion condition follow these steps:

1. Tab Select a single mullion at the corner.
2.  Right click, choose "Select Mullions" > "On Gridline"

3. Unpin the Mullions (type "UP" on the Keyboard).
4. Change the family type to the "Quad Corner Mullion" in the properties bar.
5. Select "Delete Elements" when prompted:

6. Now you have a beautiful corner mullion that will adapt to any angle...

Pretty neat, huh?  If you like this tutorial make sure to share it with a friend and get all those corners cleaned up!