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Monday, September 28, 2015

Revit Tip - Using Formulas in Dimensions to Work More Efficiently

This is one of those tips that you don't know it's value until you try it.  I have to admit that living and working in the United States has a major downside: imperial units.  If you are like me then you absolutely HATE fractions.  Over time I have been much faster with adding and subtracted fractions on the fly... But let's be honest, adding 5/8, 7/16, and 3/32 is not something we all do in our heads on a daily basis.

Well, thanks to this great tip from an awesome reader named Carlos you can put away that "construction calculator" and do your fractional math while you work... within Revit...

Here is Carlos's email:

Hi Jeff, Today I shared a tip that no one else was using in my office and I use all the time.

Basically any place you can type a distance you can type a formula, moving an object for example, let's say you have two dimensions 7/8" and 1' 3 7/16"    and you want to add them
and type that result as you moving distance, then you type the following as you moving distance:

= 7/8" + 1' 3 7/16"

Note that the above has some spaces as indicated below:

= space 7/8" space + space 1' space 3 space 7/16"

The spaces are key for entering the formula correctly.

One more example very useful is if you have a distance of 7/8" and you want to move the object one third of that distance, you just type as you moving distance:

= 7/8" / 3

= space 7/8" space / space 3

The thing is just to follow the formula guidelines and you do not need an extra calculator, Revit is there for you. I'm sure you already know the above but it may be helpful to other people, and I do not know if you have mentioned this before."

I would like to add to Carlos's fantastic tip and mention that many of the traditional Revit formula syntax works when you type in a dimension (temporary or not) as long as you start with an equal sign and space it correctly. For a list of formulas and syntax in Revit click here...

Thanks for the tip Carlos!