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Monday, November 9, 2015

Practical Dynamo - Apply Parameter Values

(Image: Dynamo Primer)

I have been posting little screenshots on Twitter of current Dynamo scripts and people seem to love them.  One of the cool things about Dynamo is you can see a simple snippet of all the nodes and recreate the script pretty effectively.  Its a method I have used when learning Dynamo.  It helps me to use different nodes, search for packages, and understand logic.  Well, I thought it would be a good mini-series here on the blog.  The first script I am going to show you is very simple but includes some nice booleans, logic, and nodes.

Continue reading for a practical use of Dynamo, applying a parameter value to all selected elements...

Dynamo Script:  Applying Parameter Values

So, you may not realize this but if you wanted to apply a parameter value to several different categories in Revit it may not be as simple as selecting the elements and typing in the parameter value...  When you select multiple categories you get this:

So, instead of selecting a category at a time and typing in the value, Dynamo helps us automate this process.  Here is the script I created (click to enlarge):

That's right... Only six nodes can save you HOURS of work. So what does it do?  

Well, the top left node that is yellow allows you to select all your elements you would like to apply a parameter value to.  The two "string" nodes represent a Parameter, and the Value you would like.  As my notes say in the image you must create the Project Parameter (in this case called "Turner Precon - Phasing") before running the script....

There is also a nice Boolean (the "If" node) that will make it so your script does not try to apply the parameter value to elements that don't contain that Parameter...  Pretty neat, huh?

Tell Me What you Think?

Does a series like this interest you?  Comment below if you are excited about a "Practical Dynamo" series here on the blog...