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Monday, August 15, 2016

Dynamo Tutorial - Rotate Multiple Elements on Their Own Axis

A reader (sorry, I lost your email and name!) emailed in and asked about rotating a series of elements by something other than 90 degrees.  She referenced an OLD post I published (circa 2011) about selecting columns and rotating them all 90 degrees using the space bar.   This was an interesting little task to think about.  When you select more than one element and use the "rotate" command they rotate about one axis:

After attempting to place some reference planes and use the space bar method without success I decided to fire up Dynamo... Here is the simple script...

Now, you can select as many elements you want and rotate them by their OWN axis in one click... Pretty cool "practical" Dynamo.  Simply select your elements, input the rotation amount (the blue "30" in the example above) and click run.  All it takes it three out-of-the-box nodes.

Pretty neat, huh?!