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Monday, September 11, 2017

Revit Tutorial - Align Views on Sheets (Tips and Tricks)

Today's tutorial can be one of those tips that seems rudimentary.  Well, it is... But, the amazing thing about Revit is how many different ways users go about accomplishing the same task.

I have seen hundreds of different Revit files from hundreds of different companies and users and the variety of techniques used to align views on sheets is astounding.  I decided to make a quick video that demonstrates the way I align views from sheet to sheet in Revit....

Continue reading to view the tutorial ... let's see how many other ways you come up with!

Key Points:

The following elements can be "snapped" to when in Sheet Views:

- Grids
- Levels
- Reference Planes
- Crop Regions

Any others...?  Comment below for other useful "snap-able" items. 

Now that you have seen my suggestions for aligning floor plan views on your sheets, comment below with other workflows you may have!