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Monday, April 9, 2018

DIY Dynamo - Enroll Today

It took me a while to decide what kind of Dynamo class to create when I sat down early last year and began planning the course.  After much deliberation and our first successful session last October with 74 students I am glad I chose to start right at the beginning.

I published some posts recently that discussed some of the challenges I recall from a few years back when I began learning Dynamo.  The first had to do the challenge of where to begin.  The second was a "Q&A" session to analyze those first attempts at learning Dynamo... 

Finally, last week I posted a video tutorial (extracted directly from DIY Dynamo) to demonstrate how and where to begin and how easy it can be to get started!

Now, are you ready to start your Dynamo journey?  Enrollment is officially open for DIY Dynamo - A Beginners Course on Dynamo for Revit. 

Continue reading to learn more about the course, what's inside, and a special launch day discount...

Before getting into the content I wanted to mention some important dates.  I've set up DIY Dynamo a little differently than other BIM After Dark volumes.  I will be closing enrollment in the course on Friday, April 13th at 8PM (EST).

Enrollment Period:

April 9th - April 13th (8PM EST)

Why am I closing the cart?

As you will see below, I will be holding live online office hours for three weeks to discuss each module.  We will chat about the exercise solutions and answer questions related to that week.  In order to keep everyone on the same page and make those office hours as relevant as possible DIY Dynamo will have specific open and closed enrollment dates.

The next enrollment period will most likely be Fall of 2018....

Okay, now, let's get into the content!

Learn Dynamo, Today...

DIY Dynamo was created with the beginner in mind. After completing the course you will have created 16 real-world Dynamo scripts, discovered how to overcome common road blocks, understand the Dynamo mindset, and set the foundation required to solve the most complex problems using Dynamo.

What's Included?

DIY Dynamo includes the video tutorial files, Dynamo scripts, Revit sample files, snippets, live office hours with me (and your fellow DIY Dynamo community), and a private online community.  Additionally, I have added a "Lite" version this session for those who are not interested in the sample files, office hours, and private community and just want to cruise through the videos...  

The Content:

Over 2 hours of step-by-step video tutorials that will use real-world examples to build a foundation of knowledge for you to create your own scripts in Dynamo. Each module builds on the previous to demonstrate the connection between the simple and complex scripts. 

Here is a Video Tour of What's Inside:

Sample Files Include:

- Over 16 Dynamo Script Files.
- Image "Snippets" of Dynamo Scripts
- Revit Files to Follow Along.
- Special Resource PDFs

Live Office Hours:

At the end of each module I will be holding a prvate and live online "office hour" for everyone who purhcased during the current enrollment period. During the office hour we will discuss the current module, the exercise solution, and answer questions related to that module. The office hours will be recorded and available to those students who cannot make it live.

Private Facebook Community:

Each student will be invited to join a private Facebook group. The group will be a place for students to interact with others who are at a similar place on their Dynamo journeys. Additionally, I will be active on the group answering questions, holding events, and posting updates.

Launch Day Discount!

The early bird gets the worm.

Enrollment is open for this entire week, but those of you who enroll from now until tomorrow at 11AM (EST) will save an extra 15% using the following offer code during checkout:


So, are you ready to start your Dynamo journey?

Enroll in DIY Dynamo today...

(If you are seeing a sign-up page instead of the sales page perform a "hard refresh" in your browser...)