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Monday, March 11, 2019

Residential Revit: Wood Slat Wall (Yoga Room)

Over the last ten years I have received many questions, requests, and general emails about Revit and residential architecture.  I finally decided to put together a little series of tutorials related to my own personal residential work (check it out at studio.bad architects).

My goal with the "Residential Revit" series is to highlight specific details  of real-world residential projects created in Revit and develop little tutorials about them.

The first project and detail I am going to highlight is a project I have featured here on the blog in the past, "The Rocky Mountain Modern House".

The detail I am going to focus on today is a wood slat wall that provides shading for the home's "Yoga Room".'

Continue reading for more information about this detail and the video tutorial...

First, here are a few more images of the slat wall as it existed in the project model:

The slat wall can be seen shading the yellow box that makes up the Yoga Room.

View of the wood slat wall from inside the Yoga Room looking out over the Rocky Mountains.

Revit Tutorial - Creating Wood Slat Walls:

What Do You Want to See...?

I have a list of examples of real-world residential Revit projects for upcoming posts but I still want to hear from you.  

What Residential Revit tutorial do you want to see?

Comment below and let me know!