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Monday, April 13, 2020

Have a Revit question? Where do you get your answer?

We have all been there before.

Late at night, with a YouTube tutorial, three forum posts, and a blog post open, smashing our keyboards in frustration.

"How do I do that in Revit?!"

I've also been there before.  In more recent times, I have found myself frustratingly searching for Dynamo or DAX (Power BI) solutions.  For example, I was recently trying to figure out how to count working days in a Power BI formula.

I took the route most of you probably do: I started with Google.

- I landed on a blog post, two forums posts, and one Facebook group post (believe it or not).
- The blog post was helpful but only got me 50% there.
- The forum posts were all over the place and I didn't quite trust the responses.
- The Facebook group post was a hot mess and by the time I got through 30 comments they were talking about something completely different.

This process got me thinking.  How do you get your Revit answers?

When you are stuck, stranded, or frustrated with Revit, where do you go?

And when you get there... What is the experience like?

Reply to this email or comment on this post and tell me about it!