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bim after dark live

Friday, September 18, 2020

Back to the Basics: Revit Essentials with Paul Aubin

On this weeks episode of BIM After Dark Live I was honored to hose the "bim-famous" Paul Aubin as my guest.

I am sure many of you out there know who Paul is and have learned something about Revit from him at some point in your lifetime.

Paul and I discussed topics surrounding his latest book, "Revit Essentials for Architecture". Paul got into some interesting topics and we even went on some short rants about View Ranges, Model Groups, and In-Place components...

No matter what level of Revit experience you have this episode is certainly valuable. To new users, it will be a great glimpse into what Revit can do. For experienced users, it will be a reminder of what it took to get to where you are today (and maybe even an illustration of how you've been doing that ONE THING wrong this whole time... ;).

Sit back, relax, and join the conversation.

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Episode Replay: