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bim after dark live

Friday, October 16, 2020

Laser Scanning and Revit - What you NEED to Know (Replay)


On last nights episode of BIM After Dark Live, I was joined by Matt Stachoni to talk about laser scanning.  Long story short... Matt went DEEP into the details of laser scanning basics.  Additionally, the live audience had some great questions along the way.

Matt talked about everything from the different types of laser scanners, to what registering a scan is REALLY like, to his preferred process to checking a scan against a Revit model for QA/QC and as-built verification...

I, for one, had a new appreciation for when I ask a surveyor to scan, register, and model an existing structure for me.  Having a better understanding of the registration process and what is involved is going to help me down the road whether I scan myself or procure it from others.

Matt dropped a ton of laser scanning knowledge and still clearly had more to share.  Hopefully he will join us again soon!

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