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Friday, November 6, 2020

Advanced Revit Railings (w/Revit Pure) + Big News!


On last night's episode of BIM After Dark Live I was joined by Nick from Revit Pure and we got REALLY deep into railings... 

Maybe, too deep?  

No way!

Nick was forced to learn every little property within the railing tool when he was tasked with modeling an old ancestral stair (seen in the image above being slid down by The Revit Kid, haha).  Nick used this opportunity to document what he was learning and share it with us all!!

Topics Covered:
- Difference between top rail, mid rail, and hand rail...
- Stacking Balusters
- Building Custom Terminations
- Dealing with extensions.
- Mitering and Fileting rails....
... and so much more ...

Links Mentioned:


I also made a huge announcement on the show last night!

BIM After Dark Live has officially partnered with BIMBOX!

I would say, beyond Revit questions, the number one question I get from users (after 11+ years of blogging) is, "what computer should I get for Revit?".

Well, there is FINALLY a simple answer to that question, "get a BIMBOX".

BIMBOX creates beautifully designed desktops and laptops that are optimized and built for Revit.

As I mentioned during the episode last night, I take recommending any software or hardware to my audience very seriously.  I will never advertise or suggest something I have not tried, tested, or believe in myself.

I've had the pleasure of using and testing BIMBOX's Stryker II Desktop and Stryker M15 Laptop.  And let me tell you,  I tested these things... And I am a believer.

The moment I had my epiphany was when I tested a project that contains 34 models (all linked together) worth about 4GB of disk space.  The Stryker II ran this model in Revit 2020 as if it was a 2000 SF house...  Forget benchmarks, this was impressive.

A couple other notes about BIMBOX in general:
- 3 Year Warranty
- Great Costumer Support (Buck and his team are awesome).
- Built Specifically for Revit and the AEC Community
- Delivered to your door in 10-14 days (even large orders).

If you are interested in learning more about what BIMBOX has to offer click here or simply email sales@BIMBOXUSA 

Don't forget to let them know you were sent by The Revit Kid... ;)