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bim after dark live

Friday, March 26, 2021

Revit "Super Users" AMA - Replay


Well... that was fun!

Last night marked the 50th episode of "BIM After Dark Live".  To mark the occasion I was joined by 6 other previous guests and Revit "super users" all with their own Revit super powers.  ;)

We took questions and discussed an array of topics for almost 2 hours!!  

Some of the topics included:
- Phasing, Design Options, and more.
- What feature we wished would be in the next release of Revit
- Linear light fixtures...?
- Interior design (tagging wall materials, etc...).
- PyRevit... Lot's of PyRevit
- What versions of Revit we all started on.
- Shared Coordinates (and coordinate systems)...
... and so so much more...

This was, honestly, just a great time.  Not to mention, the chat was on fire.  Literally, the 7 of us could not even keep up with the discussions, questions, and more...  

Thank you all who joined us live.  For those who didn't, continue reading to view the replay!

I've also listed all of the guests previous appearances on the show and whatever links I could scavenge together mentioned throughout the 2 hour session! 

My Guests (and their previous appearances):

Links Mentioned:

(If I missed a link mentioned let me know!!)...