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Monday, June 14, 2021

It's a Girl !


On the last episode of BIM After Dark Live I mentioned I would be taking a break from the live show for a bit because my wife and I were expecting... 

Well, two weeks ago we were blessed with our daughter, Adalyn Grace.

As you can see from the image above, Adalyn and her older brother, Jacob, are having a good old time together.  Meanwhile, my wife and I have spent the last two weeks trying to remember all the "newborn" things while figuring out how to balance TWO children under the age of 3...  If you have any tips, I am all ears... haha!

Well, I am now "weaning" myself back into the office again and wanted to keep you all updated on some cool things going on this month....

Revit Pure Live - Episode 17:  The Art of Teaching Revit

This week I will be joining Nick from Revit Pure on his live show, "Revit Pure Live".  I am super excited to be having a conversation about teaching Revit instead of actually teaching Revit...  It should be an awesome time.  

The show is live on Wednesday, June 16th at 3 PM EDT.

Click here to view the show when we are live... 

Nick was on BIM After Dark Live numerous times over the year so be sure to check out his episodes here as well...

BILT Virtual - 2021

I'm honored to have been asked to speak at the first ever "BILT Virtual" conference this year.  Those of you who have followed me over the years know that I have spoken at BILT North American almost ever year since 2013... Well, this is a bit different as it is virtual and includes ALL of the conference regions I would normally not be able to go to... 

I will be speaking during Session 2.6 (Wednesday, June 23rd) about data visualization and Revit...


Architect’s, Engineers, and Contractors amass an incredible amount of data throughout the construction process. From RFIs, to Submittals, to Change Orders, to Bulletins, ASIs, Productivity, Safety Incidences, Cashflow, and more…

We collect it, but are we using it?

In this session we will explore some real world use cases of this data being visualized and analyzed throughout the design and construction of a project. We will look at real-world data visualizations, break down how the data was gathered, and talk about how the visual “dashboard” is created.

Additionally, we will explore this new world of “data dashboards” and the dilemma that has come about with so much access to so much data.

Hopefully I will see you all at these various events!