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bim after dark live

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Structural Modeling in Revit (Marcello's Framing Principles)

If you missed this episode live you definitely want to check out the replay.  In typical Marcello fashion he demonstrated unique ways of approaching "traditional" structural beam modeling techniques...

On this episode of BIM After Dark Live I was joined by the great Marcello Sgambelluri to talk about structural modeling in Revit.  I know this show (and my content) tend to be architecture heavy.  I'm an architect, what can I say?!  Well, this one goes out to our structural engineering friends using Revit.

Marcello is well known for create lots of "wild" things in Revit (like elephants) but he is a structural engineer at heart.  I could not think of a better person to come on and  share his best tips when modeling building structures in Revit!

We'll be covering a whole spectrum of topics from using analytical lines as helpers, to columns schedules, and even some Dynamo... 

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