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Monday, November 20, 2023

My Residential Revit Template: An Exclusive Look Inside - Replay


On this episode of BIM After Dark Live I walked through my Revit template for custom residential architecture. 

So many of the Revit template examples and downloads available are focused on larger commercial projects. I wanted to create a streamlined, minimal, and effective template that was optimized for small-scale residential design and construction. This template will give you everything you need to quickly create a model and set of construction documents for your 400 square foot home additions... not your 4 million square foot hospitals!

Click here to watch the replay as I take your questions and walk through my approach to such a template... 

Interested in Downloading the Template?

This template is exclusively available to members of the BIM After Dark Community.  

Key Features:

Text notes, dimensions, schedules, line styles, and more that all look graphically compelling right out of the  box. 

ONLY the view templates, line styles, detail components, families, wall types, and just the content you NEED to start your single family residential projects in Revit.

Minimalist, "retro" style titleblocks and cover sheets built in. 

Schedules, key schedules, note blocks (with annotation families), and more to help you quickly generate your construction documents. 

A fully comprehensive sample project of a 400 SF addition with all views, sheets, details, and information included!  

A project browser that is simple to use and organize (as well as customize!). 

Graphic display settings for your 3D and 2D views that will improve the quality and comprehension of all of your Revit views.

.... and more....

Click here to become a member and download the template AND sample file today...